Amee Dickson

Co-founder of Life Origami, artist, author, mom of 4, married to Greg Dickson. Welcome to my labyrinth of creativity and imagination! Let’s chat!


Greg Dickson’s version of the poem ‘Twas the Eve before Christmas Eve

@Amethyst|7mo ago|0:25


Amethyst’s version of ‘Twas the Eve before Christmas Eve. I call it the Eve of Christmas Eve

@Amethyst|7mo ago|2:57

@LifeOrigami #Christmas This is my Christmas poem . Greg did one as well


Hello! This is my introduction! I am Amethyst Dickson.

@Amethyst|8mo ago|1:18

I’m looking forward to getting to know new people and have some heartfelt conversations. #introduction @LifeOrigami @Zeitgeist www.ameedickson.com


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