Amanda Zeitawi
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What did you guys think of Batman? (Spoilers)

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The Riddler just wants to expose the inner workings of the city and politics and government, which I thought was really interesting since that's information that kind of needed to be in the light. He might not have approached it in the best way possible by killing people, obviously, but it was not that wrong, per se, what he was doing or his motives, at least not the execution, obviously. But he kind of not necessarily was a good guy, but had good intentions
Kenzie Kettwig
@kenzie · 2:04

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And then we were watching it and she's like, oh, my gosh, it is. And I thought it was really fun, like, trying to solve those rentals, which was not the point of the movie. But even I was like, I was so invested in it. The directors did such a great job of really pulling me in where I was also trying to figure it out. And I really liked Batman's character arc
Caitlin Jensen
@Cait.Jensen · 1:45
Okay, so I'm gonna be a little more harsher for this movie. I used to be in a class where we'd have to watch movies and analyze underlying themes as well as, like, just, like, development of plot, character development, et cetera. I honestly think that the plot was kind of weird