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Brittney Ernest

 · 2yr ago · 0:22


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"…Hey, everybody. I'm Alphab D. And I'm over here looking for some friends in the LGBTQ plus community to talk with, connect with and yeah, just make some friends. So if you're interested or if you have some other people I never got on here before that want to make friends? Let me know. All right.…"



Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 0:14

"…Hey, Brittney. Welcome. I'd love to hear what you're into. Like what you do for fun, what you do for work, anything you feel like sharing. Looking forward to talking more about all the things.…"


Charlie Olivieri

@Charlieri · 2yr ago · 0:43

"…Hi Brittney. I'm Charlie and welcome to Swell. So I am one of the anchors for the LGBTQIA station, so I consistently put out stuff on the LGBTQIA ioStation. So if you're happy to talk about stuff like that, then come over and share your experiences. That would be super cool to hear your thoughts on some of my posts so far, but also it'll lovely to hear more about you just echoing what Bowie said. What do you like?…"


Tasha Frank

@NLOFrank · 2yr ago · 1:14

Hey, welcome!

"…I'm a Star Wars lover just to start some interest off. I also live near a very busy main road. If you can hear the traffic from the UK, it is checking it down with rain at the moment, but anyway, yeah, really looking forward to hearing from you. And as Charlie said, if you want to pop along to the station and in track of any of our posts, I put your own post up. That would be great.…"


Sohini Joarder

@Rover_Phoenix · 1yr ago · 0:16

Hey Welcome

"…Hey, Brittney, welcome to Swell. I am one of the anchors in the India based Channel Indian. My name is Sohini, but I go by Rover in this swell up and I am Bisexual. Here I am Hey.…"


Sawna Gupta

@sawna.starbucks · 1yr ago · 0:03

"…Yeah I would love to be a friend.…"

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