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Discuss thoughts on life

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Hello, everyone. It's great to be starting another cell cast. This is a space to talk about life, anything and everything pertaining to life, especially us as humans in this existence. And just discussing also especially on topics in terms of personalities and ways of viewing things and ways of viewing our experience of life, kind of like in an objective way. And so to start us off, I have a question. What do you think is the most beautiful aspect of being alive today

Just a place to be honest about the journey of life from various perspectives

Deborah Pardes
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We are becoming more of each other…potentially

And now our new understanding of how nature works at that level and being at the cross section of that is very exciting to me to be more a part of a global human revolution, of just realizing how lucky we are to be so different and not to be threatened by that, but to be in a place where we're leveraging that diversity of thought
Chelsea Hanawalt
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#life #gratitude #community #belonging

And I like Deborah brought up from different folks from different perspectives. I'm learning about these people in my community who one of my friends, she works with Feng Shui. So she taught us how to do this amazing clearing with salt in your house and something new that I never knew about that. So, yeah, I think my answer is community and connecting with others. And I'm really grateful for that. Thank you so much for this question
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Hi. I think the most, most happiest thing that we are living, if we are living so that we can accomplish our goals and make our lives better, then we are living. Living right now. Okay. We can make a life that we've been wishing for a very long and only then when we have life, we have actual life that we are living. Okay
J Wang
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I remember when we were at a park and the sprinklers were on it's a big park. And it was during the pandemic and yes, the sprinklers, they were like all over the lawn. And he just took off his shirt, took off his pants. He's very young and he just started running across the fields. I just watched him being sprinkled with the sprinklers and just having the most fun in his life
kirk G
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Hi, Lois. That's a really interesting question that you asked. I think the most beautiful aspect of life is connection. I think connect with people in many different ways, whether that's in person talking to people face to face or online. I think we connect with people in different ways, whether it's through special interests, interest, whether it's through joy or sadness or pain or whatever's going on in the world. We all connect with each other in a certain way
Wren .
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And I think that's what made it quite thought provoking for me, because when I examined those words, I think that beautiful has the connotation of being something that is desired or good or pleasant. And alive today would be in contrast to being alive at another time in human history. I'm finding it difficult to put in the context the same way that others have answered the question. I don't necessarily think that connecting with others is necessarily beautiful
Yesenia Fernandez
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#mentalhealthawareness #healing #opentochange

Such a great swell. Thank you so much for posting this and everyone on the thread. Thank you for your responses. I agree with each and every every one of you about community, about this being a time, seeing revolutions, like being a witness to that and just being part of or being in a time where it is easier to connect with others
Kyle Crossman
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Self vs. Non-self

That's something that I don't totally agree with, and it's kind of hard for me to accept, but it's really interesting just learning about all these different perspectives and these religions because I was really uneducated on them beforehand. So if you know anything about them, I would love to hear your opinions. If you align more with self versus non self, or if you're interested in getting to learned more about them
Lindsey Johnson
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It doesn't sound as shocking to say this right now, but I'm telling you, this podcast blew my mind about just how much was going on above the trees as well, and then communicating with the trees and then below the trees. It's just mind blowing to me how connected everything is in this whole entire universe. It feels obvious, but mind blowing all at once to me, it's
Lindsey Johnson
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#alive #experience

Hi, Lois. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your thoughts and for such a thoughtprovoking prompt. And I wanted to try to answer that to the best of my ability. I think it's interesting. A lot of people are answering this from a big picture perspective and then some people from a smaller picture perspective. You can probably hear my house is full of life right now. My kids are hollering in the other room. Sorry about that
Grace Salzer
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I think that the meaning of life is just to give love and just to give all you can give and leave people better than how you found them. I mean. So yeah, I don't know. Those are my thoughts. But thank you for this prompt
Fiona Hernandez
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That's a really great question. I would say. I think the most beautiful thing about being alive today is just being able to spend just precious moments with my friends and family. Family. I think that is so important for me to be able to just do that, because spending time with your friends and family, I think is so important and life is so precious
Matilda Mubiru
@Musing_Matilda · 2:20

Making your own family/ building a coomunity or finding ome that loves and accepts you as you are. Also one thatbsuppors your growth as a human being.

And yeah, they choose to be your makeshift family. I think that it's a really beautiful thing about being alive today. And I haven't necessarily found my makeshift family. I've had my seasonal ones for sure, but I look forward to building my family, finding my community, or, like, building my little village of people. Nothing super big. Just what would be best for me. It for my family as well
Krystle Marshall
@kfmarshall2022 · 1:06
I don't know if that makes any sense, but me being who I am and seeking and searching and living my life for God, I know for a fact that all things work together for his glory, for his goodness. Regardless of what we go through, there's always a brighter side to this
Ruzal chhabra
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I think the most beautiful aspect in life, according to me is that the God has given me life. And the most beautiful thing is waking up in the morning. Whenever I just opened my eyes in the morning it's like I am alive. God has kgifted me one more day to achieve something, to make the day happen, to make the day productive and extract something out of it and doing something to achieve success
Krystle Marshall
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Well, this is a really enlightening topic and actually a pleasant topic to discuss because a lot of people, as I see nowadays, do not aren't really think about life as it being something that they need to take more serious other. They're being too uptight and too close minded to not really to know the aspects of living or they're too loose and just being care free, not caring about other people's feelings or thoughts or matters
Kyle Crossman
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@widow.me.this Fantastic Fungi** :)

Could I actually get the name of this podcast? Because that sounds Super, super interesting. I was watching the Incredible Fungi documentary on Netflix, so I know about the. Oh, what? Hold on. Mycelium. It's called the mycelium. I had to look it up really quickly. I forgot the name of it, so I know about that, but I don't know anything about the forest canopy
Robin HerWay
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Hi Lois. Thank you for asking that question. That was a great question. So what I believe is the most beautiful aspect of life is the fact that we have options. Options may not always be easy, we may be indecisive, but nonetheless we have options. We have room for growth. We have ability to learn. And when we get out of our own way, we learn that we're the ones who give ourselves so many limitations
Lindsay Gibson
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Well, in my opinion, I love to see my children smile. I love to see my children grow. I love to make my partner happy and my children happy. To me, it's not about being put it in the grave or that as soon as we are born, we begin to die. No, not that. I think for me, it is what I stated, and that's beautiful. To me, it's
Michael Smith
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Life and a tiger

Then it opened up to even more where I realized that everything that I'm seeing, and if I'm seeing it, I'm hearing it. I'm thinking it, I'm touching it, I'm knowing it, I'm tasting it, listening to it. If it is within my realm of knowledge, of knowing this, then it simply is. And I'm connected to it. I'll hum. So that's how I kind of look at life right now
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mark f
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I don't know. It's probably a weird answer to the question about what are what is a beautiful thing or the most beautiful thing that you experience in life. But for me, one of the most beautiful things is contrast between the light and the dark. That is a part of our lives. I feel like that contrast is such an important part of how we can grow as humans. Without that contrast, what is good has no reference, and what is bad also has no reference
Shwetha Shivram
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One thing, the most beautiful aspect of being alive today is that when you wake up the next day, you're alive, spreading so much of joy just by waking up this one morning, there's your family waiting for you. Probably your husband served your pancakes. Probably your mother's at the side of the globe, checking her time, waiting to call you. I don't know what not. It's a beautiful thing. It's