Happy May! Happy Bealtaine! Happy Taurus Season! What does grounding look and feel like for you?

It's ruled by Venus about love and very sensual time to get into your body and you got to think of baths and think of lying in a bath with your favorite snacks and a good book and candles or if it's not a book like your favorite TV show, just whatever makes you feel luxurious and good. Just imagine all those things that's the Taurus energy. Yeah, the Beltane. It's also that same energy time to eat goods and foods and yeah, dance being your body

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Deborah Pardes
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But the gist of it is about the marking of the summer. But in terms of answering your question about grounding, oh, my God. Breathing, breathing on the ground. Literally going on the ground and breathing and listening to music. That's my grounding. It is on the ground
Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:06
I think there's whole degrees in Gaelic mythology and tradition. And it's so fascinating. But thank you for sharing the article and how you ground. Yes, the breathing. And I will have to try to actually laying on the ground and doing the breathing exercises. That's great. Thank you for sharing