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Aliva Chatterjee

 · 10mo ago · 3:45
Daily Journal

"…So I thought, that, okay, today I'll just lays around. But then I was forced to wear sorry, basically Saris authentic cultural, traditional Ware of Bengalis. And I was made to wear that by my friends. They are the correct people I was talking about. And they said that, no, we want you out today with us. I went out with them, and I really was not feeling, like, going out.…"

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Anvithi NH

 · 8mo ago · 1:17

"…But that person made me so happy. And we cared about each other more than anything. And while I was listening to your daily diary, like, the first part of it, I was just thinking of it. So I guess what I wanted to say was, thank you so much for talking about it, because it just took me back in time to yes, to yours, but yeah, thank you.…"