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Aliva Chatterjee

 · 10mo ago · 2:49
Random journal

"…The people who really matters to you. They are really nice. So yeah, I feel I should do this more often. And I gave my mother a nice back massage and she praised me and I thought of trying a new recipe but I couldn't. And surprisingly enough, my brother made chili chicken for me. So I ended this day on a very tasty note. Having chili chicken. The only regret I have is not being able to taste dessert. That's it. Good night people.…"

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Divyangana Haldar

 · 10mo ago · 0:24

"…So, Olivia, I think that maintaining a Journal is the toughest thing to do, and you're going to do that. So obviously, all the very best to you. And I'm very, very excited to to know about your days and to know about you specifically. So looking forward to it.…"