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Aliva Chatterjee

 · 10mo ago · 4:17
Random thought

"…Hello everybody. I think all of us are doing fine. Here something I realize today is the faults we commit in our adult life is our responsibility wholeheartedly. But do you really think so? Like, are we 120% responsible for the mistakes we did? What about our parents? What about the children who belong from a dysfunctional family, who know that their parents aren't any superheroes? But they're just like us humans who commit a lot of fault themselves.…"

#sayitonswell #muse


Soumili Bose

 · 10mo ago · 0:33

"…That's such an interesting perspective, Alibaba. And I'm not sure I'm pronouncing her name right, but, yes, that's very interesting. I really love William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience. It was taught in our course, and that just made sense. All of it. So, yes, the moment you say about that shepherd thing, I just resonated it to yes, she's talking about Blake spoken and yes, that's really wonderful.…"