Todd Wiese

@Raretodd·2yr ago·4:52

I’m going to get back in a mosh pit! (when this pandemic is over). What are your post-pandemic plans?


"…Hey, you know what I'm gonna do? I was on another swell, and this topic sprang into my head, so I thought I'd make a whole will swell unto itself about this subject. I'm Im, Im. Im. Im. Im. Im going to get back in pandemic. S*** is over. And you're probably wondering, Todd, is that such a good idea? You could get hurt. Yes, you could get hurt.…"

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Todd Wiese

@Raretodd · 2yr ago · 0:35

"…Just a clarification the Mosh Pit I was talking about that I said, was at the end of 2020, was actually at the end of 2019 and before Covet hit. So don't think that I was at a concert at the end of 2020 because I certainly was not. And I miss it so much. It's tearing my heart just a clarification.…"

Clarification = last pit I saw was at the end of 2019, not 2020

Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 2:30

"…Todd, you are speaking my language, my friend. I cannot wait until we can go to shows again. I was talking to one of my best buddies today about it. There's really nothing like being at a show that feeling that you get. And for people that love heavy metal, the Mosh Pit is something that is also irreplaceable in our life. And I always was the instigator of the Mosh Pit. If my rule was.…"


Todd Wiese

@Raretodd · 2yr ago · 2:25

"…The main rule is if someone falls down, you pick them up, don't let them get trampled on and no karate kicks in the pit. I don't know what that's about, but I think that fad has got to got to go away. And another rule, I think, is if someone wants to crowd surf and they want a hand up, you give them a hand up. So if they're on the ground, you get them up.…"


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