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"…Good morning, good day or good evening, wherever you're listening this from. I just got on swell a couple of days ago and I'm trying to explore this app. I am unsure of how this works, so I think it's the best way to start a conversation here goes within this title. I expect to post a couple of questions in the coming days and get a conversation going. My first question based on attachment. So here it goes.…"

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Krishna Telang

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"…That just means that you're amazing, that you are so free and you're open that you're going to get attached to anyone and you can emotionally connect with that person and that's just amazing and that's beautiful. So please don't think it has an issue. And yes, sometimes you get with someone, you have a huge crush on someone and then you can just not shake them off.…"

Aakansha Girdhar

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"…So I feel that if we have the issue of attachment, we can just get going with that only because there's no other way of removing that emotion or feeling from ourselves.…"

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Nithya Narayanan

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"…Hi, Krishna. Thank you for applying to my question. It's great meeting you here. It's amazing to connect to people who think attachment payment is not an issue. And that's what I felt all this time. I felt that I have been blessed with something and I shouldn't be seeing it as an issue. I can really connect with people easily and that shouldn't be a problem, isn't it?…"


Nithya Narayanan

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"…I agreed to a point 100% because yes, I've been through it multiple times and all these times I've been able to come back stronger. The detachment was very strong after that. I'd say. So as long as we don't look at this feeling as an issue, I think we are good to go. Isn't it lovely talking to you? I'm hoping that you will stay connected with me too.…"



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