phil spade

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Tiger Woods playing The Masters??


"…I know he was out playing a practice round yesterday, but it's big news when a person that kind of transformed the game made it the high money, high dollar amount that it is today. To see him come back is going to be something, it's going to be a spectacle. Just buckle your seat belts up. He actually plays next week. But my indications, my sources are telling me he's playing. So look out.…"


Brady Poppler

@bradypoppler · 6mo ago · 0:24

"…Tiger Woods I think will play and he's got incredible odds if he does play to win the Masters, plus 4504, 50. 00:10 Bucks pays out $450. Those are incredible odds. I think woods will play and I think if you are a betting person, those are good odds to bet on Tiger Woods.…"

Woods Masters future?

Swell Team

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phil spade

@Phil · 6mo ago · 0:41

"…Brady. I think that price probably reflects the potential of him not playing right now. I expect that if he does announce that he is playing, I would expect that price to plummet. I just think a lot of people will be betting him, and I think that number is the way it is right now because he's not guaranteed to play just yet. So I wouldn't mind actually taking a swing on something like that at those kind of odds.…"


Paul OMahony

@omaniblog · 6mo ago · 1:13

"…My goodness. The thought that Tiger might will play in Augusta, that thrills thrills me. Just can't believe it. I mean, I'll be shocked, I must admit, the idea of going out to embark on playing four competitive rounds four days in a row, if he even turned up to play the par three competition the day before, that would be fantastic for people to see him do that. But I wouldn't like him to go out and struggle and not be able to play well.…"

Brady Poppler

@bradypoppler · 6mo ago · 1:02

"…Probably he's got a chance to and you never know what happens with Tiger Woods when he's playing on Augusta, especially if he makes a couple of cuts. I think he can make a deep run because it is Tiger Woods. And if he plays, I think he will do well. He's got incredible odds right now and I think it takes a chance. I think the odds are incredible to take a flyer on Tiger Woods and it's looking and looking like he will play.…"

Tiger Woods


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