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We need more like Canelo

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"…And in between that, he fought Arizona Laundry, a guy that's a huge finesse guy, so it doesn't matter. The style he'll take on all comers and that's just very refreshing in today's athletic world. He's 57. Two and two all time in his per professional career. And I can't wait to see him fight again. Truly a throwback fighter. And truly we need more athletes. We need more boxers. Need more athletes in general. To be like Canelo.…"

A throwback fighter willing to take on anyone


Kyle Crossman

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"…I know absolutely nothing about boxing or fighting, and I have no idea who Canelo is. I'm glad you enjoy him so much. And I 100% agree with you that, you know, like, no pain, no gain. You have to as an athlete, you have to push yourself, and that that's the only way that you're going to get better, and you have to push your limits.…"

Mark R Fitness

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"…And when I saw him, I thought, well, this guy's got a chance hours before the site because I thought, well, I remember that I looked at Emma Khan and his performance against the Pinello, and he was having some good success at his speed, out boxing him in time at times. So I thought, wow, this guy, he's bigger, he's faster, he's got the speed, but maybe he won't get knocked out.…"

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Luther Brian

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"…Hey, Phil, I feel you about Carnella. He's a beast. He's a monster. He's learned from the best. He's actually fought wars, so these other kids don't really know about that. So Carnella is another creature out here. Here. And he's just really showing us how it's done. It doesn't matter what you put in his face. It doesn't matter how you come at him. He's going to figure it out.…"

We need more like Canelo

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