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2022 Golf US Open: Who wins?


"…And a guy that has been doesn't have a Tour win yet, but has been increasingly getting better and better is Will Zeletores. And I think the course kind of suits him really well. And I think he can really come out of the woodwork and win his first Tour and win his first major, which would be fantastic. Another guy whose name has been creeping up is Matt Fitzpatrick. Matt Fitzpatrick actually won the US Amateur on this very course.…"

phil spade

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"…Well, every once in a while I get something right here. I absolutely nailed it here on Wednesday. I came on with a little bit of a preview and told you that Will Zalataurus looked like he was primed to to win something here. And I said, Matt Fitzpatrick might be a horse for the club horse. He loves the course. And I thought he'd be playing strong here. And those two finished one, too.…"

I nailed it! Called the top two!

2022 Golf US Open: Who wins?

@Phil · 4mo ago · 3:10


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