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Women's role in today's economy

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"…One strategic area of work for the promotion of women's economic and social rights is that of building alliances between women's rights groups and other social movements that work in the area of economic and social justice. Thank you. Bye.…"

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54_Mahak Bansal

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"…Hello, Nikita. Really A Very Nice well, and A Very Nice Topic. Woman's Role In Today's Economy. And Yes, Means Economically To Kapoor. So I Agree With Your Points, and I Just Love The Way You Speak and Your Thoughts Were Just Amazing and Keep Doing Good and Really Very Nice well, And I Just Agree With Your Point. So Thank You So Much For Posting This. Well, Thank You.…"



Nickkita Shome

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"…Thank you for your reply to my swelly. As I'll be posting mode on women's role in economics, this just the beginning. Also, I'll be speaking on the private sphere of women's role. Thank you.…"


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