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My Rival and The Girl who’s not my girl (2001)

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"…I'll take the first duty since it's Brendan's first time. That day, I printed my report, ate at the galley, went back in to write an email and found Brendan back. What are you doing back so early? You should be out drinking. Brendan looked up. Well, we started out drinking. The dance floor got crowded. People were having a good time, so I left. My jaw dropped.…"

Usns San Jose aka The Love Boat

Josh Colon

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"…I then went to my bunk and took two fat burning pills. This was back when I had a FEDRA, which ended up being banned. We all get lazy working out, especially if it's 04:00 A.m. In the morning. I take one of these and lay down for no less than two minutes before running into the small vestibule used for treadmills, which is across from the one with the weights. This wasn't a time for trance or hard house.…"

The Love Boat San Jose -soundcloud version


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