phil spade

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Kentucky Derby Preview


"…If the four horse next to him, Summer Is Tomorrow, does not go with him. He has a good chance to just skip away and get an easy lead, and then it might be over. Apart from that moderngal, I'm not bothered by the one hole. A lot of people are. That means you'll get a better price, and people forget that they changed starting gates two years ago.…"

First thoughts after draw

Mitchell Ross

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"…I don't think many courses like running over the Gulf Stream track, and I think that forgivable race just like Tis About didn't like running against that. He wanted LS on the off track. I know the little weather is 60% rain right now, so we'll see how it is. But a little moisture in the track, I think that sits well for Tisbar as well.…"

phil spade

@Phil · 5mo ago · 2:58

"…I'm just having a hard time seeing that. I don't want to talk you off it now. I've got to put them in some of my superficial plays because of what you said. So now, thanks, I have to play it, but if he comes through, we're both going to cash. Now, Tis The Bomb is a guy I love and people are talking about the dirt and people forget that a lot of turf horses actually don't mind the dirt at Churchill.…"

Classic Causeway! Wow!

Kentucky Derby Preview

@Phil · 5mo ago · 4:41


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