Isabella Croston

@isabellaa·3mo ago·2:23

the disappearance of karlie gusé

True CrimeNewsCollege Voice USA 🇺🇸

"…It's been one of ten of their pinned cases, I'm pretty sure, since 2018. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I don't think that they would be as involved as they were if they didn't believe that something was going on. And please remember to stay respectful and remember that the people we are talking about are real, and their families are real as well.…"

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Dharmin Chanda

@bombayblues · 3mo ago · 1:38

"…Hey, Isabella, cancell us enough on how unfortunate and how pitiful and full of gore that that incident sounds like on the year. In fact, to be very honest with you, upon having heard the whole thing, I just went blank. I didn't have no reaction to I couldn't really assimilate my own emotions and my own reactions to be able to pass a judgment there. But very honestly, I most honestly hope and pray that the girl would soon be found.…"



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