Dewuan .

@FryedOreo·3mo ago·1:14

Comfrotably Broke.

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"…For watching.…"

Enjoy the tunes. #hiphop


Lance Watson

@lwatsonjr · 3mo ago · 1:16

"…I thought swell was going to be a place for me to exercise my intellect and enjoy sort of public discourse and conversation and philosophy and then here you go. I appreciate it, man. Let me know if you want me to lay something on top of this. I'll give you a couple of bars from back in the day. I got a few things I could say and let me know. Appreciate you, man.…"

@FryedOreo: boom-bap,…resisting my ole hiphop head self.


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 3mo ago · 4:44

"…It gives me that edge in a way, because I value authenticity and originality. And as far as you rapping on it, who knows, maybe one day. I just started wrapping, actually again after a ten year hiatus, so I have a lot of stuff to rap about now, being that I'm a dad of kids and messed up relationship and ships along the way. Usually the stuff that makes great album material. But thank you so much for your response.…"

I go way back with this! Lol @lwatsonjr


JJ True

@JJTrue · 3mo ago · 0:16

"…Hey, you can lay down public discourse and intellect on a rhyme. I love to hear. On the rhyme. On the boom BAP beat. Please do it. I'm listening.…"



JJ True

@JJTrue · 3mo ago · 1:25

"…Hey, man, I really enjoy boom bat beats. I didn't know you did that, actually. That's pretty cool. I remember Yahoo Chat. That was awesome. I liked that program. And I liked MSN. Chat, too. Those were the two goto's back back in the day for me. And then after that, it just kind of got weird for me when I got into my space and all that's.…"



Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 3mo ago · 4:38

"…JJ. Hello once again and thank you for adding to the conversation, which is interesting because this conversation just started out as a form of music expression. And as I remarked earlier when I was talking with Lance, is that this is not a new practice for me. There's something cool about people discovering my musical talents and taste, but it wasn't always this good, if you would say.…"

Thank you @JJTrue

Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 3mo ago · 1:46

"…Once again, the influence of KRS One is alive and well in hip hop. It's funny because I go through these these scroll, these threads and I see people talking about referring to rap music in certain genre of rap music as boom BAP. And again, that's 100% due to KRS One. He put an album out years ago in the 90s, mid ninety s, I think it was 94, 93. Return of the boom BAP.…"


Comfrotably Broke.

@FryedOreo · 3mo ago · 1:14


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