Debasmita Roy

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Durga Puja must have food items

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"…While there are different varieties easily available, you must try the traditional Bengal style biryani the aromatic Basin Tipalao with spices, whole spices, spiced with potatoes and boiled deck along with chicken or mutton, whichever you prefer will be a great test like great treat for your test birds. You can have Martenot chicken champ and raita with biryani. There are various varieties along with in the form of biryani as well. There is Ilshava parchingri Alu or Dim Postto different kinds of fish. Curries Typical vegetarian items like sukto.…"

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Rumela Chaudhuri

@ruu_chaudhuri · 1yr ago · 1:20

"…And I noticed that and after that, maybe lots of things they take. But chicken or aluminum is mandatory for bag first. It is really mandatory. And Rashogala is for best dashboard without Dashimi every the Bengali ticket. So this convo is really filled that purely comes and it's.…"


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