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Cryptocurrency: The Start of A New Economy?

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"…It is a medium of exchange through which a computer network that is not reliant on any central authority, such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it. Some examples of cryptocurrency are bitcoin, Dutchcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies have come up in the past few years. And I know all of us would have heard of this cryptocurrency. Have you invested in it?…"

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Jennifer Kipgen

@kimthennem · 3mo ago · 0:27

"…Hi Gordon thank you for explaining about Cryptocurrency which is indeed a very important influential topic to learn so from this I will learn more about am really happy and you share this type of issue and I'm hoping that you see things like this in the future too so that is to you.…"

Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 3mo ago · 0:22

"…Hi, Kim. Thank you so much for your reply. And I'm really glad that I could be of help and I could make you learn something new. And I wanted to ask you, are you planning on investing in cryptocurrency any soon? And if you do so, which cryptocurrency would you like to invest in? I would love to hear that from you. Thank you.…"



Jennifer Kipgen

@kimthennem · 3mo ago · 0:31

"…Right now. I'm not I'm not thinking of applying for this cryptocurrency. Just I don't want to invest myself in that way. I'm thinking that I may apply in the future. So I have, like, many options, so I didn't know which one, but I'm pretty sure before I start investing in it, I will know for sure. So thank you again for applying for this information, questions and all that.…"


Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 3mo ago · 0:39

"…Well, the choice is serious and I do respect and understand if you choose not to do so because we never know the reliability of this cryptocurrency, especially since it doesn't have any need connection with the government. We never know for sure how longevity it would have in the future. So yes, I do understand your take on it and if you do, I invest in one day. I would say go for bitcoin because that is really good choice to invest in.…"

Gogasusa Pathasarathi

@Gogasusa · 3mo ago · 0:19

"…Gouting, it's really informative. I really have so many doubts about cryptocurrency, and I did some, but I don't have, you know, a great picture about that. But now you just make it. You just really draw it very well, and it's really good. Thanks a lot for your swell. Thank you very much. Bye.…"


Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 3mo ago · 0:11

"…Well, I really am grateful that I could be of help. And I hope that I cleared some doubts for you.…"

Kbm Dousel

@kymbeedousel · 3mo ago · 0:36

"…This is an extremely informative post and it's really great to see someone covering up on cryptocurrency issues because they are like they're rarely talked about, but they for an important aspect of what in an increase of the increasingly globalized world. And I feel that it is of pivotal importance, especially in today's world. And I feel that You're Pause has covered up so many aspects of it and it's really informative as well.…"

Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 3mo ago · 0:33

"…Hello. Thank you so much for the reply. I'm glad that you appreciate what I did, what I posted. And I just wanted to ask a question, if you don't mind that. How reliable do you think this cryptocurrency would be? Do you think that this is just another trend that is going to go down in a few years? Or this is something that is the beginning of something that's going to happen in the future? I would love to hear your opinion. Thank you.…"


Hausianmuan Samte

@muan20 · 3mo ago · 1:50

"…But if they continue to invest or if they are willing to take crypto further, I think it is a great opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts while some countries like China have already started the ban on cryptocurrency there are some countries that are going to or they are trying to make policies to ban them in the future as well on the contrary, countries like Australia are beginning to emerge as a potential destination of crypto friendliness the country proposes a market licensing for crypto exchanges, streamline taxation and arrangements and a regulatory structure for decentralized autonomous organization.…"

Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 3mo ago · 0:45

"…Okay, Muan, thank you for your reply. It was very insightful. And basically, to sum up, your point is, everything depends on the policy of the government, right? So I would like to pose two questions. If you we're a government, would you ban crypto or would you allow it? And secondly, do you think there's a possibility that in countries that have banned crypto, people would be using illegal means to invest in it?…"



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