Manalika Das

@Manalika·2mo ago·4:37

My Junior’s Hilarious Result Situation😂

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"…And Sharia like my junior is a very bright student and she scores very well, she was expecting good marks so her teacher said to her that let me check your result and then she said to her that you got I guess 60% something and it is an average score but you could have done better. And when my friend heard the word 60% she was like as I mentioned earlier, shocked to death. I mean she called me, she started crying.…"

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gungun bansal

@gungunbansal_ · 2mo ago · 1:09

"…Hi Manalika. You know, this post is very relatable to me because it has happened to me also. You know, last year last year been a roller coaster ride for every student who das belonged to CBSA and waiting for their result because we haven't given the exams and we are extremely waiting for results transfer. I don't know why, but we are waiting, like eagerly waiting for the results. And the day results come and we have to put our role number to check the results.…"

Shashank Sehgal

@SSS135 · 2mo ago · 1:19

"…Because after all, I don't think ten to twelve marks are actually of that value if you are a person just copying what is important for these kind of people. But I don't think the marks in general is important what they have because nobody asked you. Nobody asked me in my college about my marks. So I don't think they are really important.…"


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