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Cricket News: IPL Broadcasting Rights

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"…That's amazing. Much deserved, as long as it's not the officials. Top level officials. I'm very happy if the low level workers get that kind of hike. Very happy for them. And I would like a lot of this money to be reinvested into building our sport, especially women's cricket and how underrepresented it is by the BCCI. Ever since it took over, we have barely ever invested in it as much as we should have. Yeah.…"

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Pradeep Malarvannan

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"…Yeah, now, it's kind of a shortcut. Okay. I don't usually use the OTT platform of thumb. Last thing I think about it. Thank you for posting something like this. And I hope you really have a greater rate day, and we'll see you the next month. Bye.…"


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