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Beyonce Renaissance

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"…For me, for Beyonce, hey, girl, this is way better than Lemonade looking at Beyonce's album since she's been going solo from Destiny's Child, each album just gets better with time, you know what I'm saying? You had Lemonade, that was her best. Like, I almost put JayZ to the curve, but I had to save with it for the kids. And then you had to do that powerful movement album that recently had came out.…"

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"…I don't listen to Beyonce. She whacked. I don't think nothing about the album. Peace and love.…"

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"…The people that supported them when the global community was not and then the music starts to take a different direction. Me, personally, I'm a hiphop head. I love the blues too. Those two forms of music are my favorites. But I like the boom bat. I don't want to hear too much of the mumble s***. Even though I dig a lot of the production, I do dig it.…"


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@FryedOreo · 2mo ago · 4:43

"…I listened to Drake's whole album, his latest one, and that was an interesting experience. But I guess I'll do the same for Beyonce. So there's my review.…"



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