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Why are people mocking Indian attire in the name of fashion?

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"…For example, color blocks are really going on these days. Like, you can wear a different color. You can wear yellow pants and then green top and say that, oh, is this fashion? Is this color block? But honestly, I don't like that color pattern at all. But yeah, people have different opinions about certain things. So who am I to say about this?…"

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"…Yeah, yeah. Manalika, you were you are using a very good topic. Like, I also think that it is good to, like, experiment with fashion, but you can do something, you can can create it's something new. But destroying the original thing is not a good thing, I think. So our sari and its draping style is already perfect in itself. We don't need to change it or do something else with it, and it's not at all boring. Okay?…"



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