Zayima Rahman

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Team Power


"…Unity. It is one of the most important qualities for a team to actually be successful, be it an internship team, be it an office team, be it a sports team. Any team you need unity the most and communication when you can coordinate and communicate freely, understand each other, respect each other's opinion. Let people speak up about what they are feeling by making them feel safe and comfortable. That is what will lead to the success of that team.…"

@Siddhanta007 @Ambalika @Debasmita19 @Satarupa cheers to my team 🥂❤️


Debasmita Roy

@Debasmita19 · 1yr ago · 1:00

"…But still, when it comes to any kind of issues or problems, I think if one person is facing with it, all the others who are present in the team tries to solve it out and tries to find out the strategy and that's how it should be. It's like floating all together. So that's the beauty of our team. And this is so sweet of you. I really loved it. Thanks to all the other teammates.…"

So true i'm overwhelmed @zayima ❤


Team Power

@zayima_rahman · 1yr ago · 1:18


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