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Should post be limited per day via Social Media?

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"…So, as many of you know, I am a social audio geek. I love using apps like Swell. And there was one app I was using at the time. Since I've now deactivated my account over this photograph that you see, let's read it together, shall we? Sharing the mic is caring to give everyone a voice. We limit how many times someone can post each day.…"

Where is Social Media heading?


phil spade

@Phil · 3mo ago · 3:57

"…Dewan. I heard this earlier this morning, and I was going to respond with something like, well, what is restricting you have to do with other people stepping up to talk? How do you guarantee that? But I wanted to take a step back and really kind of think through what, if any, the role of social media should be in metering, people kind of restricting and more or less kind of protecting them from themselves.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 3mo ago · 4:39

"…Yeah, it's something that kind of bothered me a bit because it kind of made me feel guilty. But ultimately, yeah, it was a cool experience on that platform and on other platforms, I can find myself sometimes going really hardcore with the posting, but I think it's just more encouraged. And like you said, it's all about the dopamine, right? They want you to stay on there longer as possible.…"

Thank you @Phil


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