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Great Tv: The Eric Andre Show

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"…So over the past weekend, I've been obsessed with this particular TV show, and I first noticed this show of all things through memes. There were certain meme templates out there that incorporated the show and skits from this show, the Eric Andre Show. It's a show from Adult Swim Cartoon Network. It doesn't have anything to do with cartoons, though. Well, it depends on the theatrics and antics of said host.…" #comedy


Taylor J

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"…Hey, Dewuan, this is a really good shout here, although it's certainly not for everybody. I would say some of the humor can be a bit intense, but I love Eric Andre. I think he is just such a fantastic funny guy. I love how committed to his craft he is. He really sort of keeps up some of his personality that you see on screen when he's doing interviews or he's just kind of out in the wild, so to speak.…"

Great rec!


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"…I'm watching it on Hulu. Currently, you could probably watch it even on YouTube. Who knows? I'm pretty sure they got some episodes on YouTube. But anyway, thanks for the response.…"

I laughed too hard watching this show! 😆 @CaliGooner


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"…I think you bring up some really good points. It definitely seems like a indictment parody of modern pop culture and talk show entertainment. Although I would not be surprised if Erik Andre was the type of guy who is just like, I want to make the dumbest show imaginable. Somebody is going to give me the money to do it because people are dumb. Producers will throw money at the craziest stuff nowadays. So why not be me, right? Why not be my show?…"


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