Debra Barb

@RumpelSoulSkin·4mo ago·4:58

Invisible/Visible Successes

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"…Going to get gas and getting home could take an hour just to get my things to do the transaction and get home. So today to pack a bag and sort through gear and pump my tires and load up my bike onto a bike rack that I also had to load onto my car for the first time since getting sick to riding safely and all the things that that took and then getting home unpacking returning these things to where they belong getting my bike prepared for the next ride huge invisible success.…"

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Steve Prudhomme

@Sabastian · 4mo ago · 1:01

"…And I'm glad it's your first post, much like mine, like five days ago or something. Somebody gave you some love, girl. And that's what I find neat about this is that there is like love out there and we don't know each other, but you're there. So you stay strong. I experience brain fog daily and I think it's just because I'm an old gay, but I don't know. Anyway, have a brilliant weekend.…"

J Wang

@jsmwang · 4mo ago · 3:20

"…I remember just after getting brain fog, the easiest tasks that I had done, like filling out a sheet or something, would take me so long because I would just look at it and I don't know, nothing like, really made sense to me. And yeah, just like, walking around outside would lead me straight into bed for many hours, many days after that. So, yeah, I really appreciate you sharing your story. I think it's so important.…"

Debra Barb

@RumpelSoulSkin · 4mo ago · 3:10

"…I throw on social media a little bit about my story and just cannot believe how few people that I've actually connected with in real life or on social media who are sharing a similar experience to me. So it's so comforting to find a community beyond my longcovered community and to find people who are moving forward with their own challenging health conditions or their own changes to their lives that maybe they didn't ask for, I'm guessing.…"

J Wang

@jsmwang · 4mo ago · 2:44

"…And yeah, when it went away, I just felt like, what was the point anymore, I guess. But I don't know if I said this on my last message, brain fog. I found a way to put a positive spin. I'm going to be so embarrassed if I already said this, but I found a way to put a positive spin on the brain fog.…"

Armaan Husain

@Armaan_004 · 4mo ago · 0:05

"…Hello. Nice. Well, thank you so much. Keep posting.…"


Zaire Ukuu

@zaireukuu · 4mo ago · 1:48

"…I don't think it's on here, but it might be where it will be on my podcast. Enough about celebrating those successes. And that's one of my things that I had to make myself work on to celebrate all my successes. When you have a goal, it's not just the end goal that makes you successful, it's the journey that gets you to the end goal as well.…"

Varun Aich

@varunkaich · 3mo ago · 1:05

"…She just does not think that I'm successful. I've just authored a book, and I've done so many things. I mean, I don't know what I'm going to do to prove her that she's got married to the most perfect guy in the world. I don't know what I got to do to do that. I authored a book. I teach in a university. I can do so many things. I'm an athlete. I don't know what to do exactly.…"


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