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Why do we fear boredom?

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"…You'll have to excuse the noise for the moment. My kids are having a wonderful time at this McDonald's play land not too far from where I live. And one would say that they aren't bored today. But it made me think, why does boredom exist? It seemed so detrimental to our growth, and especially in America, we stress so much about being productive, grinding, setting goals and achieving them that anything less is uncivilized. But why?…"

Can you grow from boredom, from "nothing?"


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"…And so it was this big cycle of just mental agony to want to go do things, not be able to go do them, think about them. I think it kind of comes down to just being alone with your thoughts. And if your thoughts are in a negative place, maybe not so good at processing that into a reframing, it at least into a more positive light, then, yeah, I can take you down a really dark place when you're bored.…"



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"…Maybe those moments in times when you feel bored, maybe you should meditate. Maybe you should take time to try to figure out what it is that you like to do, what you don't like to do. Maybe you should take time in those times when you feel boredom to feel this thing boredom. You should take time to figure out things that you could do as a hobby or things like that. You don't have to be bored. So that's just how I feel about boredom.…"

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"…And it seems as though people are relating to it, such as yourself, but thank you for responding and hopefully you allow yourself to be bored worth more often, because I think that's where the real funds sometimes can begin.…"

@RumpelSoulSkin the complications of being.

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"…Purchase by one. Thank you for not only taking the time to listen to this swell, but to also offer an audio response. And your response was quite interesting to me, and it's one that I have heard of commonly and one I've even uttered, which is there's no such thing as boredom. There's always something to do, productivity, do something, do even meditate. You had said do that. And I do agree with it to a certain extent.…"

@Purchasedby1 the modern day human.

Why do we fear boredom?

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