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Happy Mental Health Monday - Broken Sniffers

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"…Happy Mental Health Monday, everybody. I really like to take Mondays to get my mind set for the week and to see where I am and also to figure out what it is that I'm going to need throughout the week to maybe improve my mental health or keep it where it is at least. So I hope that by sharing this, some other people might chime in and make Mondays their day if they don't already have a day or a routine.…"

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"…However, I think I got something that's worse because ever since I got coveted and since I've been health of it, pretty much for the most part, it's been a month and I think it's been like five weeks, technically since I had covered like four or five weeks. I'm still randomly coughing, even though I feel fine for the most part.…"

Never lost my sense of taste


J Wang

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"…Hey, happy Monday. I loved the idea of, you know, doing something for yourself on Mondays. Today I went on, like a onehour long run and I guess I don't know why, like, I feel cool. It made me feel really good to do something a little challenging on Monday because then afterwards it's kind of just like, yeah, I can handle anything. And also I was really stressed out, so it helped me unwind.…"


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