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Calming Fire

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"…Its Independence Day, July 4, 2022. The time is around 30 or so PM. Central Time. I just had my kids picked up. We spent a lovely weekend together, and I take a nap, and I wake up again, and I take another nap. So this is around maybe six. I'm thinking of cleaning, when all of a sudden there's a blazing alarm, fire alarm. But I'm not that surprised.…"

My brush with death and temptation with material possessions.


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"…So there's one thing that I'm glad that you were able to just get up and check things out because you were sleepy, you took two naps, and as you're sleeping, you kind of breathing and could be breathing in some smoke and actually being unconscious beyond your control. So I'm glad that you did get out because that smoke creeps through everything. And I definitely know when it comes to fire alarms, you want to ignore them.…"


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"…Charlie, thank you not only for taking the time to listen to my swell, but also to offer an audio response. And yes, smoke inhalation is deleting calls of fire related deaths and housing and buildings more so than the fire itself. And prior to that alarm I heard a couple of days ago, kids would pull the alarms constantly on some silly stuff, as I have pointed out.…"

Thank you @ReallyCharlieCP

Calming Fire

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