Manalika Das

@Manalika·2mo ago·3:46

STORYTIME: Are you scared of lizards?

Just for FunCollege Voice India 🇮🇳Humor

"…And I think that's a lizard. And it was not even a baby lizard. It was a big lizard. And I switched on the lights and yeah, that was really a big lizard. And I screamed the h*** out of the whole room. It was, I guess, two or three at night, and I already screamed. And my mom was like, what happened?…"

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gungun bansal

@gungunbansal_ · 2mo ago · 0:33

"…And I fall asleep after that, there's nothing happening, but it makes me feel so scared. But am I going? Thank you so much for watching.…"

Shashank Sehgal

@SSS135 · 2mo ago · 1:22

"…And yeah, it was something weird, and I think he wasn't lying about it. But the thing is that none of us like lizard, and we just want to kill them or just do because they will not go from our homes. I personally don't like to kill things, but if I don't do this, they would do it. So, yeah, I better not get any kind of encounter with I know it's weird, but what else?…"

Raghav Katta

@Raghavkatta · 2mo ago · 1:38

"…There was the day I died. Yes. Guys, this is not me. This is my ghost. I actually died that day. And I'm not kidding, I literally left my body the moment of I literally fainted. I was in stage shock and shock that has never got my entire life really give a traumatic experience. That's it. Well, goodbye.…"



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