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Pre Season Polls: A flawed system that needs major change

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Coaches Poll top 25: Alabama, Clemson lead first college football rankings of 2021 season

"…College basketball, for example, they play 30 games. And I think that's enough to get a fair representation of who that team is. But in College football, you only have a limited set number of games, twelve games, maybe 13 games. And within those set of games, you may have three games that really don't tell you exactly what your team has. It's such a mismatch that you don't have that.…"


Mitchell Ross

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"…But I like your point about sports betting and how we should kind of put the odds on or how we should rank teams because we watch every game. We analyze how each team is doing at each exact time. But one thing I like about the NCAA is in their basketball. When they release the net rankings, like, halfway through the season, the net ranking helps the committee decipher who's in, who's out or who's playing the best or who's playing the best teams.…"

Net Rankings?


Tony Mosesso

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"…Obviously, Georgia losing to Alabama or vice versa. One of the teams has to lose if they play the game. And it's not a bad loss. But the fact of the matter is I can assign a different name to it. We'll say we rank Mississippi State number 20 to start a season one year, and Mississippi State ends up going seven and five. But such and such a team in week four lost to them when they were three and Owe.…"

Preseason polling - for the birds!


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"…It's usually an SEC team. I can't explain why, but I think it's usually an SEC team or that might just be me. But in all seriousness, I think what you're saying is really spot on is that you have to look at the collective body of work. What happens week to week is based on the previous week, and that may not be correct when you look at the entire body of work at the end of the season.…"

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"…When I tell you, you know, the players, you see them, they beat you, they beat the spread. And you're sitting there yelling at the TV. Why can't they stop this guy? This guy is unstoppable. Who is this guy? Well, that's the guy that should be the Heisman Trophy winner. I think that's the kind of input that is missing from that particular vote.…"

Heisman and bettors


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