phil spade

@Phil·3mo ago·1:50

Are you a weather nerd? I have the most amazing site for you EVER

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"…So again, you become part meteorologist. Well, this site allows you to be a meteorologist and there's an app for it. And I would really recommend looking at it on your laptop. I think that's where the most amazing kind of views and all the different things that you can sort by temperature, precipitation, satellite, radar, wind speed, wind gust, air pressure. Just unbelievable.…"


Nick montecalvo

@jmontecalvo · 3mo ago · 4:44

"…So I always watch the weather and I always listen to people that I don't like, just regular weather people, anybody can just give the weather, but when they have meteorologists on there explaining what a conversion zone is and what the barometric pressure is and how that affects the precipitation in the air and all that stuff, I just find it fascinating. I just really do.…"


Lindsey Morrison

@OwenWilsonsNoze · 3mo ago · 1:36

"…Yes. There is probably nothing I get more excited about than severe weather. I mean, my family thinks I'm absolutely insane. And it's it's sad because my husband doesn't share that and my daughter's terrified of that kind of thing. So while she's, like, crying, I'm like, yay. I'm from Iowa where the weather changes every five minutes.…"

Yes!!!!!!!! Tornadoes be my drug of choice 🌪️😂🤣❤️❤️

Nick montecalvo

@jmontecalvo · 3mo ago · 4:20

"…I've watched those shows and stuff and I've always wanted to see that kind of weather. But I think I'd also kind of freak out and be scared of it. I don't know, because I wasn't raised in the middle of farm fields and where you would see a storm coming in Washington, if you live on the western side of the state, which is where I live, you can't see storms coming. But they get here.…"


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