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WTH #805: WTH Podcast is Swell

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"…Hey, it's Nate from the Wth podcast. If you missed the live streaming of our show last night, Ho Ho, you missed the doozy. But here's the good news. We edited out all of the waiting for the debate to start and we put it all in one convenient video package for you. You on YouTube on our YouTube channel. The link is right here above so you can check it out. I hope you enjoy the show.…"

3 guys, 1 World, Unlimited Crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh0axnRQsL0&feature=share #Comedy #Podcast


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"…I'll post that as a separate swelling in case you want to use that. But great job. This was really fun to listen to and watch, actually. So I'm hooked, so I can't wait for the next one.…"

phil spade

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"…One of the key takeaways from the Trump tax information that was released this week was that companies that required very little input, the licensing and the apprentice businesses actually performed pretty well. While on the flip side, the companies that had a lot of input, it and a lot of direction from Donald Trump were abysmal failures long term. So with that, I wanted to ask what you believe, what aspect of the Trump presidency will have the longest lasting, most profound impact on the United States.…"

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