Meranda Troutt

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What is your parenting style?

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"…Those are the three things that I think are pretty important in my parenting and really helped me keep going the kind of gentle and positive parenting approach that I personally try to have with my children. So what is it that you got going on with your kids? Let's hear.…"

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phil spade

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"…Hey, Merch Troutt, you know, before I actually had children, I often thought about, well, this is what kind of parent I'm going to be. And this is what I'm going to do. And this is how I'm going to parent. And when you ask, actually do have kids. A lot of those things to me anyways, kind of went out the window and you're dealing with the situation at hand a lot.…"

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Meranda Troutt

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"…Thank you so much for your thoughtful swell. I agree. I think it's important to allow your children to experience different opportunities like that. Also think that it's just as important to teach your kids how to be bored. And that kind of sounds weird, I suppose. But in this day and age, in society, it's like people don't know how to just be. They don't know how to sit there and be mindful and be in the present.…"


Ramya V

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"…So this is such an interesting spell. I simply had to jump in and add my thoughts. I have a somewhat standardized approach to parenting that I've synced up with my husband to ensure that we are both on the same page when it comes to raising our boys. So one thing that we are very particular about is making them both independent as much as possible. So we have them run simple errands, clean up after themselves, and not expect to be round at all times.…"

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Randall McKeown

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"…But at the end of it, when we were able to give her that money back to total shock and disbelief. But we had a great relationship, and we still do. Many years ago, she's 40 now and lives on her own or not on her own. But we're her husband. But looking back at just the fear of marrying somebody with a grown teenage daughter turned out to be the best thing in the world.…"

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