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Are trending topics good for creators?

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"…Third day conversations or also referred to as trending topics. Let us talk about those today because oh my God, do they grind my gears. I'm not saying I don't occasionally love to speak, respond to and do actually end up responding to trending topics. But trending topics I think is one of those ways in which social media companies are heard in conversations, thereby creating the environment of toxicity that a lot of us have come to not like.…"



"…I've also noticed that trending topics seem to be really relative with respect to location and even, I would say statistical numbers and who is determining them? Because like here on Swell, I don't think it's an algorithm. I think it's selected by staff what a trending topic is on Twitter. I think it's an algorithm.…"



Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2mo ago · 3:43

"…So yeah, it is a necessary evil. But I definitely get where you're coming from in the sense that it does kind of create these unfortunate scenarios to where people really don't have much to talk about other than that particular trending topic. And it's not as if they really want to talk about it, it's only because everyone else is talking about it. I myself experienced talking about Beyonce, which was a trending topic at the time. It got me featured on Swell.…"



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Binati Sheth

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"…There's not a lot of words and threads and all of that. I'm not sure threads and all is still relatively recent. I think one, two years. Again, I don't know anything about Twitter, so there's a shot in the dark on my side. But yeah, I think trading topics began as prompt and then they realized that it increases app retention or website retention. And then I think the slippery slope began and most companies slid right down.…"


Binati Sheth

@Binati_Sheth · 2mo ago · 4:55

"…However, I've seen the same happen with the one that was done by YouTube. I was not a part of it, but I observed it closely. Instagram doesn't officially have a creative program. But then Instagram affiliated creators, creators that Instagram features on their page and their creator page, they all suspiciously post about the same things every single week. And my guess is they receive a trending topic. Email, again, might be curated by editors, trending topics.…"


Binati Sheth

@Binati_Sheth · 2mo ago · 3:16

"…Chances are, say comment on one pending topic per week and a lot of the same people will keep seeing each other within the comments, right? Because every single content creator is watching the same videos on YouTube about how to be a content creator, right? I mean, that's not a secret anymore and everyone gives this advice, comment on any topics. So people are doing it. I definitely was focusing on the wrong thing.…"


"…Instead of the natural way of self organizing with humans, we're using these structures of framings and almost vacuum like approaches marketing or creating different ways and reasons for doing trending topics instead of the more organic, self organizing ways that humans interact with each other. I'm sort of brambling. I have no idea what I'm talking about. I just woke up and my brain is like, firing this way and that. Anyway, lots of things on my mind. Sorry.…"



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