Isabella Croston

@isabellaa·5mo ago·1:32

let people have their own interests

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"…You can think it's weird, but you will be thinking about it for 5 seconds but if you're making fun of someone for it, they're going to remember it a lot longer. So it's let people exist.…"



Kyle Crossman

@kylecrossman · 5mo ago · 0:46

"…It really just encourages mental growth and just helping you explore what's really important and finding what you really enjoy. Because if there was no diversity in hobbies and interests and what people really liked, then we would all just to be really boring, wouldn't we.…"

Eric Alan

@E.Octimino · 5mo ago · 0:28

"…I agree. Like completely. Like everybody I know that likes Pokemon acts that exact way and the only thing I hate more than people that like Pokemon are the Pokemon themselves. Like we already have nature, we already have have like trees and rocks and sticks and s***. What the f*** do we need to pretend there's more and go out and catch them instead of balls? Gross world we live in sad place.…"


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