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Ask a Failure | What's more important, chemistry or connection?

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"…Is chemistry or connection more important when you are dating and looking for a relationship? I have been thinking a lot about this question this week. First because because I have been listening to this audiobook by relationship scientist Logan Yuri called How Not to Die Alone, which goes into the science of relationships. And then also because I listen to a podcast episode asking this very same question, the You Up podcast, which I've posted about here before.…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 4mo ago · 2:43

"…Like, I've been with this person for 20 years, the connection is amazing, the chemistry is dead and they stay with that person and that's the decision. But when you're lighting up a new relationship, I think the two are so hand in glove. I really do. Interesting question, though.…"



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