Pradeep Malarvannan

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My thoughts on uniform and religious attire and apologies for the┬ámiscommunication­čÖĆ

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"ÔÇŽI respect you doing that because you are proud of being a part of your religion, and I don't have any issues with that. In fact, I'm very happy about it. But when you're in a uniform, I think you shouldn't use any attire, any vibuti, Kumkum, turban, anything which represent your religion and which is not a part of your uniform. That's my whole point. So if I were to anyone in the earliest. Well, I'm really sorry.ÔÇŽ"



Rehan Shah

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"ÔÇŽUniform is your clothes and they're wearing that. It's not being covered. No, there is still uniformity six wire turbans. That is their religious choice. You can't ask them to stop coming to an educational institution because you do not like it. No. In a country like India, everybody has a right to everybody should have a right to practice their own region at least. But that is not what we see here. And I hope you understand where I'm getting at.ÔÇŽ"

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Pradeep Malarvannan

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"ÔÇŽAnd that's where I have actual issues. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against very religious attire. Doesn't even matter to me. If you are a good guy, I talk to. If you are bad guy, I'm not. I can't just make it if a person is a good or bad without speaking to them. I personally don't judge people truly religion. By the way you say you don't follow a lot of stuff.ÔÇŽ"


Pradeep Malarvannan

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"ÔÇŽOkay, about the Saffron's scarf, that's just bullshit. Maybe 10% of the people who wore Saffron scarf are aware that there is one small hintup roof. I don't know what exactly they are called, but they have two West African scarf. I think only 10% of the people who did the protest against the Muslim girls know that. I'm not saying they belong to that small group of Hindus. I'm just telling that only ten people might know that.ÔÇŽ"


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