Debra Barb

@RumpelSoulSkin·2mo ago·3:09

Happy Mental Health Monday - tapping into the senses!


"…Hey. Happy Mental Health Monday. Swell. Today is one of my best Mondays in over a year and a half. I smelled the rain this morning. I smelled reallife rain. It brought me to tears because I've had significant smell loss and smell distortions, along with taste loss and taste distortions since I got covered in November 2020. So in the last few months, I have made some significant progress in that area. But it's been a long road.…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 0:59

"…And it's going to be painful for months, but I'm still pushing through. But this weekend I spent some time in a friend's pool and just the weightlessness time and time again, jumping in there and floating around and not having that pain of my foot bearing my weight. It was really a moment of, like, not feeling the pain. So it's a deprived ovation of the sense in a way. But just appreciating that I was having that moment of painlessness was palpable.…"



Jack .

@zejacques · 2mo ago · 2:21

"…Just the ability to see. It's just incredible itself. But me, I spend a lot of time outdoors and in the ocean. So my ability to see well, in moments of movement in Richmond, in the world, I'm grateful for that. And I've developed it over time. Even, like, peripheral vision or more like the kind of intuition of what's around you. Not just like, having the blinders on. I'm super grateful for that.…"

Sasha Runyen

@sasharunyen20 · 2mo ago · 1:01

"…Hi there. I definitely agree that we take our sensory experiences for granted. I think the one I value most would probably be my vision because I have seen so many beautiful places this summer, and I'm from California, but I've just been doing a lot of travel within California, and I've seen so many beautiful places from lakes and mountains and oceans, beaches, sunsets. I'm so grateful for where I live, and I just love photography and taking pictures.…"



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