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What Makes a Teacher Great?

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"…They spend six and a half, 7 hours a day with them and the kids even get confused and call them mom or dad or things like that. And so they become a very important person in their life and impact that. And then they go to middle school and spend two to three, maybe four years with some of these teachers. Most of these teachers they only have for one year, hardly ever see them after one year and yet they build these real solid, strong connections.…"

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"…Just all the teachers that are listening out there. Such an important thing. Never lose sight of that. You really are a superhero to a lot of these kids.…"


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"…And I remember leaving us that space to just imagine and to delve into something fictional and fantastical was such a beautiful gift, and I think it made us more excited to earn that. And then the other teacher that I think of is in college. I'm a bit older, but thinking about this teacher I had called Cave Zahedi. He's a documentary filmmaker, and I took his personal documentary class. And what was beautiful about that class was he never presumed to teach us anything weekly.…"


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"…Colleges are not putting out the number of educators that they need to. There is an extreme shortage across the nation of pair educators, teacher aide, so to speak. We currently have almost ten openings for teacher assistance. Likely the administration will be doing all breakfast and lunch duties because we have no supervision available. So that mental health component is huge and appreciate you chiming in and taking the time to share with us.…"

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"…And she noticed that, she noticed that our class was very theatrical, and she suggested that, what if we put on the play and dive deeper into Midsummer Night Stream? She took what she was picking up from the group, from the collective, from individuals, and then she gave space to dive deeper into it using the text, using what we were talking about. I just think that is very special, very special to first honor it and then give the time to actually perform it.…"


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