phil spade

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Recession: Why we can't agree on anything anymore


"…That's just one strategy. It's really tough to look at a country that is looking to be in a recession or on the preface of a recession, and it's really tough to find those investing ideas that will make a lot of sense because most likely none of them are.…"


Jack .

@zejacques · 2mo ago · 4:21

"…Of course if you are someone that's an informed investor, someone that has a high asset class and is still liquid during these times, there's plenty of opportunities to make lots and lots of money. Right now they say the rich get richer during the downturn, but if you're someone that is not an informed investor, maybe you're a retail investor, maybe you can't afford to invest at all.…"

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phil spade

@Phil · 2mo ago · 1:24

"…And I think the more that we look at a business in the long term, we can make decisions that hurt us in the short term that go beyond what they should in the future. So I'm a huge believer and really ratcheting that reporting to an annual basis. I couldn't agree with you more on that. Really passionate about that.…"

@zejacques annual reporting would be SO much better

Jarrett Gilbert

@GilGameSports · 2mo ago · 1:52

"…We're not sitting at the table and negotiating. It's always wanting. One extreme group is trying to override another. This group wants to do things this way, this group wants to do things another way. And we're not sitting in the table to negotiate for the betterment of it so everyone and can be helped and satisfied.…"


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