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Where does the IPL go from here?

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"…I don't mind if there can be five overseas players per team because we don't want to compromise on the quality of Bricket while India is blessed with quality. It's not blessed with that much quality and quantity together but gradually we can if we continue this and who knows maybe 20 years down the line we can make that five overseas. Three overseas later. Again this is not going to happen in the next 20 years.…"

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Rehan Shah

@ririshah · 4mo ago · 3:51

"…India is nowhere near the favorites to end our World Cup, and we still did. I'm not saying it's because the IPL talks here happening. Leave that. And I know the only T 20 World Cup we won was the one before the IPL. That's a whole different ball game. That's not what I'm talking about. But we had so many players who are so used to crunch situations, who don't take pressure on that debut game.…"



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