Bowie Rowan

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Missing teen rescued by hand gesture she learned on TikTok

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"…One of the most inspiring stories I came across today is about an Asheville, North Carolina, teen who was reported missing. It appears that she was either kidnapped or taken against her will in some way to Ohio and was on Route 75 when she was signaling for help using a signal she had she she learned on TikTok Canadian Women's Foundation that is to represent violence at home so someone can signal that they need help without bringing it to the awareness of the person that is a danger to them.…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 11mo ago · 1:11

"…Wow. This is amazing. And I've watched the video of the woman exchanging a recipe where she had the opportunity to use her hand in that way, just showing how you can do it, how you can integrate it into a seemingly a regular conversation. It's just really amazing. I just can't believe that people were around and recognized it and acted. And it's just a fairy tale. You just see that. I don't know. You just see bad endings.…"



Ophelia Johnson

@LadyO · 11mo ago · 0:45

"…I would have just thought that she was doing something weird, but it's good to know that these types of things are out there and that young girls can use them to signal if something has happened. And thank you for bringing this to this. Well, bye.…"


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