I am but a wanderer who knows not his next destination but has witness the rise and fall of greatness from seemingly insignificant follies, tales to take with me to new worlds, and an ever keen eye looking to add another one to my satchel of infinite space

#intro #selfdiscovery #elevatorpitch #funstuff I was asked to write a unique intro segment for a dating app and, voila!

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Usually people remember you after your death with all the good things, you know. And you know, all these people who would be talking good things for few days after your death. These are the same people who would have a different opinion about you when you are alive. Unfortunately, life is like that. And nobody that bothers about anybody after a few years. Even though if you don't know if there is a
Aaditya Menon
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Hey, Kira Kaira, I'm sorry. From pronouncing that name incorrectly. Apologies in advance. Thank you so much for, you know, listening to that post and posting your thoughts on it. The idea of that post was, you know, more in terms of first impression that, you know, I wanted to make through the means of that particular piece that I wrote a long time back. So that, you know, was the idea behind posting that