Are we celebrating shein's launch?

It's really important that we ask us why every time we're buying a product, if a product has a good price, it can also mean that they are paying their workers in a very inhumane manner. They might be exploiting so many people involved in the chain between. So it's important that we read up. And I would love to know what are your opinions on the same

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Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 2:47
But it's H and M, but at the same time, your entire wardrobe has been clean and ethical, but there are some things that you just need, and if you're unable to find an alternative, maybe it is okay to go there. It's wrong. Yes, but it's a curve. It's a learning curve. So that is there that needs to be addressed. I feel because people usually just make it like a black and white thing. It's more of a Gray
Akshita Sharma
@Akshita · 1:28
And you don't deal with other things well, but yeah, if people become better informed about how things work, if they try to dwell into how this whole industry works, it might bring a change in the long run. Again, Shane offers trendy clothes at a very nominal price, which again attracts adolescents and teenagers. Most of them can't really afford to go for other brands. This is like one of the most common reason of Shane's popularity