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Akansha Kashyap
@AkanshaKashyap5 · 2:38

In Search Of Happiness?

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Hey, everyone. This is Akansha Koshuk here. Hope you're all doing really great. So just like you read today's topic in search of happiness, I want you all to ask some questions to yourself. You know, there are a lot of things I want to talk on this topic, but first of all, I'll ask you some questions, and let's make another part of this whole conversation, okay?

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Arukshita Deswal
@arukshitadeswal · 1:58
Ah hi Akansha I heard your swell and you also asked four questions about happiness so what is happiness? The first question of yours was what is happiness? I think it's really subjective. For you, happiness might be something else, and for me, happiness might be something else. But I feel like happiness is within you. Sometimes people try to find happiness in the materialistic and external things. But happiness comes within and ends within us and how to achieve happiness
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