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Living with your parents: what's your opinion?

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Hello everyone this is Aishwarya and today I want to know your opinion on living with your parents. A lot of us in India live with our parents and this is usually the regular format and those who live away are usually married or away from the norm. So do you guys think that this is beneficial to us or not? Let me know in the replies

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dyan boby
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I think it's beneficial to live with our parents till the appropriate age of 18 to 20, because till then I think, you know, we are very much satisfied with all the things that our parents provide us. And even although we might be a bit more financial, are still dependent on them after the age of 20, I think that's fine
Aishwarya Sunil
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And even though it does teach you responsibility and several parents to support their children while they move out, I think it's a little idealistic to think that we could move out then. But I'm 21. I'm still living with my parents, but I'm going to move out soon, but only after I get a job. So that's my take on it
Sanjana Charles
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I think living with your parents is extremely beneficial from a financial standpoint, and I don't think that we have to do away with the whole nuclear model of families here. But I do think that parents should encourage their children to live away from home. The younger the better, in my opinion, because I think it just promotes a sense of independence and does away with the kind of co dependence that we've kind of cultivated as a culture
Palak Jain
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Well according to me the whole nuclear family concept thing is not my type. This is such a controversial topic that if we continue to talk on it then it will never get finished. Think living with parents or not depends upon the perspective of the individual, the personality of the individual. Few people want to go abroad, settle their start their own new family whereas on the other parts part few people reject job offers as they have to stay away from their parents
Bhavy Aggarwal
@bhavy_agg · 1:35
Yeah. I don't think it's completely necessary to, you know, have to move out of your parents house to be able to adult, to be able to just, you know, if you like if your parents are very traditional, then it might suit you to move out to pursue certain things that were not available to you, like new experiences that were not available to you before
Tanya Mahajan
@Tanya30 · 0:30
Hi Schwarz I think living with our parents is beneficial because it is said that parents are our first teacher so they don't teaches us what is the real society and what is the real world outside is living with your parents what's your a time which we are not developed to face. That problem is beneficial for us only and also we can support our parents also when they need us. So I think living with parents is beneficial
L Kausar
@LuzuDayum · 4:47

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Hello. The topic that is this. Well, right now, living with your parents, what's your a boon or a curse? If I'm gonna frame it in my bait, then I totally feel that the one who brought you in this world is definitely your parents and the one who took care of you, took the intricacies of our needs to such a level is our parents only. So living with them is the best option
@Chandrita · 0:14
Hello. So I think yes, there is no harm in living with parents, but so beneficial because they are our support systems and they can guide us to the times we need them
Bipasha Sehrawat
@bipashaa · 0:49
Hi Aishwarya yes everyone have a different opinion on this topic. I believe that if you have a positive environment in your home and you have a you know, healthy relationship with your parents and there is nothing thing wrong with living with your payment. But again there are so many perspectives like you cannot be independent. I personally believe that it's not necessary that you have to move out to be independent. But you can be independent while you are living with your parents
Adaa Gupta
@AdaaGupta · 1:23


But the most important thing that I need to highlight here is that our parents bring it up, bring up us in this world and just take care of us and the people when they grow up and become financially independent and they leave their parents, that's not a good thing. Like, if you want to live separately, live, but don't just leave them behind. Just be with them within need you because they were with you when you needed them. So, yeah, that's my opinion
Tedra Chaney
@spastartacademy · 2:05
However, when it comes to her in particular, she's setting up her life, she's getting everything situated and started, and I want my child to be able to step out into the world on the best foot possible. I've taught her about credit, about savings, relationships, and everything in between. And when she's there, then fine, go ahead, go out on your own. But I'm certainly not rushing her to do that
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Dontario Harris
@BG4L · 4:37


Excuse me that's how I'm kind of sick if I have a cold but, yeah, that's my thoughts on it. I feel like if more parents would allow their children to stay with them even after they graduate school and turn 18 and stuff like that, the world would be a better place and if you take your time to teach your children what they need to know that they will be okay. So, yeah, that's my thoughts
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Jen CraveHer
@CraveHer · 4:50


My opinion on living with your parents is f*** God, Jesus, help me. This is not something that I would encourage you to teacher children to get comfortable with doing is staying at home. Society has become a bunch of spoiled, lazy, fat degenerate because we've allowed our children to be that way because of whatever reason. Maybe you're scared because you don't want them to go out in the world because it's your baby and you don't want them to get hurt
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Tamara Mays
@TheTamachan · 5:00

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I am a black native, Oglala Lakota. And we living with your parents. What's your as that relationship is beneficial to both parties. So in my case, I am a steward and I am the eldest daughter. And our culture is very matriarchal. So I live with my mom, just my mom. Whenever I have a partner, they don't affect my living arrangement. It doesn't affect my living arrangement at all. I'm actually in a formalized courtship right now
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Varun Aich
@varunkaich · 0:08
I think it's very situational, so it's just the situational, so let's not waste time on that
Sathish Kumar Kandasamy
@SathishK · 1:03
Most of the time, the situation decides whether you deal with your parents or not. From my point of view, there is no harm in take away from parents until they can live without our support or without us being with them all time. But once they start feeling that they need our support or they need us in their day to day life, then it is time for you to shelter them with your love. Irrespective of the situation is what I would say
RD Creations
@Roma_Dessai · 2:22
And just stay with them as much as you can. Because later on when you get old you should not be regretting like, why didn't I spend much time with your parents? With my parents? Because you will realize that it was the best time in your life when you were staying with your parents and learning from them and the guidance from them and getting their love and care which is very pure and which you cannot get from anyone else in your life
Michelle Smith
@chelle3290 · 0:34
I am not from India. I am from the USA. But I would say that if your parents are older than living with them is beneficial. Yes, because you're there to help them and take care of them since they're older and may not be able to take care of themselves. But so if you are living with your parents to save money on an apartment or to save money for something, then that might be beneficial as well
Akum Lee
@Mlee · 2:51
Hi. It's a very important question like living with your parents, whether it's beneficial to us or not. Yes, I think living with our parents, it's such a beautiful thing. I think in India that is one of the most is widely and commonly practiced habits which I really appreciate because, see, our parents bhavy taken care of us ever since we were young. They've fed us, they've cloded us
Kanchana Chandran
@Warpedclarity · 4:52
So if you completely drop them, if that's what is good for you, then maybe you have to bite the better bill. Bite the bullet, as they say, and do what you have to do. But then, most often than not, parents are real golden people. So keep them close to your heart, even if they are away from you. So if you want to live with them, live with them. But be independent
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