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The Essence of Love!

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Today is 14th February, aka Valentine's Day, the day of love. But is love restricted to just romantic love interests of our lives, or is there more to love? I mean, we can love our friends, our parents, our pets. And so many experiences can carry the essence of love other than just going on dates. So my question to you is, what are those other experiences of people in your life who carry or have carried a sense of love for you?

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Sreejita Karmakar
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Hi, Aishani. So you have put in a very articulate fashion, a very good concise manner, that love comes in different forms and from different people we expect different types of love. And that's true. That other day I was reading a post where somebody had written down the first kiss and the first hug and your first love is your mother. So definitely Belle there's that of course, filial love exists. And then at the same time, romantic love exists
Olivia Debroy
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Valentine's Day, a time of optimism where people wander in search of their soulmate. Well, that's what the Legends have been saying, but I've marked this day as a day of admiration. And I truly honor this day to my parents. In fact, I celebrate this occasion throughout the 365 days of the year because love for parents is a model, and I make sure to market a mortality. But apart from them, the person that I love is my best friend
Anubhav Singh
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Even now I'm playing football.......✌️

I completely agree with you that love comes in different forms. And for me, love is a feeling that when you feel complete, when you don't thing about anything. Lovely. I haven't experienced that romantic one. But, yeah, if you say, then I love cricket. For me, this is love
Divyangana Haldar
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For example, sisterhood, I think the love for our sisters is a very genuine and greater form of love because I think apart from your friends, I think sisters who are quite of your age, obviously, or even if they're not, it doesn't really matter because to your sisters, you can always share your feelings and everything, and they do really understand. So I think the love that we have between sisters is a very good form of love
Reeba Rajan
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slow and Stead fast love❣️

In your good times. Yeah. So in every relationship there are upside down, some likely to move on and some just stuck in that scenario. So every human being are afraid of breakup which is okay. It's a human tendency. But as I said before, love is also above hope. It's about things. According to me it's about destiny because it's two individuals and men to be together. So no other complication will create an obstacle for together
Pradeep Malarvannan
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We love many people and more people than we hate. That's my point. And we should acknowledge them. That's the only thing I would like to tell here. I'm not great in talking about this kind of stuff, but I think I talked about it as much as much I can express. I love people doing great stuff. I love people doing helping others. And I love my parents, I love my best friends. And I think that's okay. That's what I feel
kanishka 1225
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When I do that form, I have no limitations. I don't think about anyone when I do that. And the question you asked before that who loves you? So I think if you love someone very passionately, they will also love you back. Thank you. Bye
Samiksha Bharti
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Absolutely right
Aishwarya Sunil
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Hi Aishani, I think love gets a bad name because we all view it in this romantic sense, but I think we all have love in our lives in all these little ways. I don't think we would have the friends we do if we did not love them. I do not believe that we would have have the relationship that we do with our parents if we did not love them. More than that, I don't think we would be able to enjoy things without love
Sumant Aditya
@HoldYourSmile · 2:13
Love is much more like it is love when your mother feeds you, looks after you or even scold you. It is love when you look after your pet or be it a street animal. It is love when you hand over your last bite of the chocolate to your younger brother or sister. It is love when you sacrifice your homework for a dear friend
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Nimisha Dhami
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Hi Aishani. I feel that we often try containing love in our relationship with our partner or friends or family, and of course our dogs. When love in itself has no form. I found love in really strange places. I found love in my game football. I found love in poetry. I found love in traveling. I found love even in strangers. I've only reached to a conclusion that if we romanticize things in our life, love will be all over
Bhomik Mathur
@Bmat · 1:06
And so extending that point, I think love is when you care for someone, when you get affected by someone's words, actions, and when you genuinely care for someone, that is love. And it's not the right thing to justice. Strict love is between a couple, in my opinion. So I completely agree with you

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Hello, Aishani. I'm so glad you raised this talk today. So let me go with my answer. So love is many different things to everybody and to me. It's a very personal affair. I found love in my very best friend, and she's the one who's been brewing me that our friendship is worth fighting for. And I am honestly blessed to have her by my side. So what is love? To me?
Priyanshi Garg
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And I want to see on a love more because love is just a little bit of work, but can't be expressed in such swells or because it's a huge meaning. Like I can't express it out. But yes, I have an intense everyone
Geetanjali Kanate
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Yeah, that's true. You can have love for everybody around you, whether it's your friends, family, partner, or even something you like to do. For example, let's today I spent my day with my family. I wish Valentine's Day to some of my friends best friends. So, yeah, I don't think it should be restricted to just a romantic love interest. I kind of agree with you
Rehan Shah
@ririshah · 2:25
So I always grew up watching that sport. And when I was young, going outside and playing in Grace or playing with my dad was my favorite thing to do. Cricket. Playing cricket was my favorite thing to do. So I associate certain emotions with it. And even now, when I watch cricket, I see something I associate happiness with it my childhood memories, like, happy moments. I've been injured, but still, I've laughed it off. I've been in jail pretty badly
@TheFatwheeler · 3:42
But back to the question of what is love? Now I'll talk a little about romantic love. Love, I feel, is putting oneself, you know, like putting yourself before someone else. Okay, I said that backwards. Like putting someone else's mind, putting someone else's happiness before your own, when someone matters to you so much that you will do the thing that is right for them, even if it makes them hate you
Harshit Dobhal
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Hi a Aishani from my side that love is which we get from our parents, our teachers, our friends, who cares about us and who always therefore is known as love, who never think bad about us, us and who respect us and we also love them is love
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